Differences between Sensors and Transducers

Some people mistakenly believe that a sensor and a transducer are the same item, and as a result use the term synonymously. But the fact is that there are key differences between the two. If you are working frequently with either sensors or transducers, it would benefit you to understand the significant differences and learn the basic functions of each. Read on below to gain a better understanding of the two.

To put it briefly, a sensor refers to a device that can detect any changes in the environment. There are many different types of sensors with specialized functions but the major purpose is to detect change. Some examples of specialized sensors include temperature sensors, pressure sensors or humidity sensors. It might be easier to comprehend when you think of sensors as a set of eyes and ears because a sensor can measure data and information which can then be sent to the processor or controller for them to work on it.

A transducer, on the other hand, is a type of product that can convert energy from one form to  another. This is energy that can be converted into a non-electrical physical signal and then be transformed into an electrical signal. It can also provide an output response to specific input measured which may be physical quantity. Ultimately both have very key differences including the fact that one device converts physical parameters to electrical output, while the other device converts energys. Another difference is that a sensor is for sensing elements itself, while the transducer is for sensing elements and also for circuitry. Meanwhile in sensor changes, the resistance is with temperature., while transducers change in resistance to change in voltage. Additionally a sensor can detect change in physical stimulus and turn it into a signal, while the latter transfers power from one system to another in the same or in different form.


April 29, 2022
December 6, 2021

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