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Our team at One Click Aviation is owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor. Our team is an FAA AC-0056B accredited, ISO 9001:2015 certified, and  Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA) enterprise. With an unmatched supply-chain network, we regularly meet AOG requirements with ease, and maintain a 100% supplier rating from members within our client base. 

One Click Aviation provides the largest selection of Rosemount Inc parts within the aerospace, marine, and commercial industries. With over 3 billion new and obsolete parts featured on our database, we ease your purchasing experience by providing you with direct access to our streamlined database. We readily offer W20136, SCTX5X8, C95140-4700-3305, C95044-8500-3481, C95044-7700-3481 and many more items. Additionally we can also offer high quality parts produced from reputable manufacturers like Rosemount Inc.

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Part No RFQ
W20136 RFQ
C95140-4700-3305 RFQ
C95044-8500-3481 RFQ
C95044-7700-3481 RFQ
C95044-5300-3481 RFQ
C95044-4400-3481 RFQ
C20377-0015 RFQ
C20361-0019 RFQ
C20184-0001 RFQ
C20089-0250-2002 RFQ
C11994-0001 RFQ
C11951-0002 RFQ
C11620-9800-3451 RFQ
C11620-9600-3451 RFQ
C11620-9532-3859 RFQ
C11620-9300-3459 RFQ
C11620-9300-3451 RFQ
C11620-8873-3751 RFQ
C11620-8800-3451 RFQ
C11620-8500-2451 RFQ
C11620-7800-2451 RFQ
C11620-7700-2451 RFQ
C11620-7320-3451 RFQ
C11620-7300-2451 RFQ
C11620-7300-1451 RFQ
C11620-6980-3451 RFQ
C11620-6800-1451 RFQ
C11620-6600-3451 RFQ
C11620-6490-3451 RFQ
C11620-6450-3451 RFQ
C11620-6310-3451 RFQ
C11620-6200-3451 RFQ
C11620-6100-3451 RFQ
C11620-5900-3751 RFQ
C11620-5900-3451 RFQ
C11620-5750-3459 RFQ
C11620-5700-1451 RFQ
C11620-5500-2451 RFQ
C11620-5500-1451 RFQ
C11620-5450-3459 RFQ
C11620-5100-3459 RFQ
C11620-4950-2451 RFQ
C11620-4900-2451 RFQ
C11620-4750-3459 RFQ
C11620-4700-3459 RFQ
C11620-4600-3451 RFQ
C11620-4550-2451 RFQ
C11620-4220-3451 RFQ
C11620-4120-3451 RFQ
C11620-3850-3451 RFQ
C11620-3740-3451 RFQ
C11620-3600-2451 RFQ
C11620-3570-3451 RFQ
C11620-3500-3451 RFQ
C11620-3480-3451 RFQ
C11620-3450-3451 RFQ
C11620-3450-2451 RFQ
C11620-3400-3451 RFQ
C11620-3320-3451 RFQ
C11620-3150-3451 RFQ
C11620-3150-2451 RFQ
C11620-3050-3459 RFQ
C11620-3050-2451 RFQ
C11620-3000-3451 RFQ
C11620-2950-3451 RFQ
C11620-2900-3451 RFQ
C11620-2750-3451 RFQ
C11620-2700-2451 RFQ
C11620-2650-3451 RFQ
C11620-2450-3451 RFQ
C11620-2400-2451 RFQ
C11620-2350-3451 RFQ
C11620-2250-2451 RFQ
C11620-2050-2451 RFQ
C11620-1750-2451 RFQ
C11620-1650-2451 RFQ
C11620-1450-3459 RFQ
C11620-1450-3451 RFQ
C11620-1100-3459 RFQ
C11620-1078-0751 RFQ
C11620-1000-4459 RFQ
C11620-1000-0451 RFQ
C11620 1550 2451 RFQ
C11035-0301 RFQ
C10761-0002-0001 RFQ
C10404-0011 RFQ
C10329-0001-0004 RFQ
C10175-19 RFQ
C10096-0060-0007 RFQ
C09904-0005 RFQ
C09904-0004 RFQ
C09846-0004 RFQ
C09660-1591 RFQ
C09660-1585 RFQ
C09660-1579 RFQ
C09660-1545 RFQ
C09626-1350 RFQ
C09345-0116-0202 RFQ
C088 9-0068 RFQ
C 10361-1210-3125 RFQ
9846-0004 RFQ
96012-0008-2100 RFQ
96012-0008-0090 RFQ
96012-0008-0068 RFQ
96012 0008 0180 RFQ
95044-9300-3482 RFQ
95034-2 RFQ
90093-0114-0003 RFQ
871FA312B RFQ
871BW1 RFQ
871BN4 RFQ
871BF2 RFQ
871-360 RFQ
860D2 RFQ
860-58-2 RFQ
856HK1 RFQ
856AW1 RFQ
851L RFQ
851AA3 RFQ
78S-11N-0200 RFQ
78N1100N050 RFQ
78-65-15 RFQ
7100-4 RFQ
510-355 RFQ
4001-0493-0002 RFQ
34062-00 RFQ
3030 RFQ
24273-00 RFQ
2315M-29-2 RFQ
2314M13-10 RFQ
22-0025 RFQ
2084 RFQ
184M RFQ
154DR3 RFQ
132MC150A RFQ
1221H4 RFQ
10347-0082-0205 RFQ
1027 RFQ
03031-0001-0002 RFQ
02311-0078-0001 RFQ
02311-0039-0001 RFQ
01281-0753-0002 RFQ
01281-0751-0001 RFQ
01281-0291-0001 RFQ
01281-0277-0001 RFQ
01221-0160-0001 RFQ
01154-0059-1160 RFQ
01154-0001-0001 RFQ
01151-0035-0002 RFQ
01151-0034-0001 RFQ
01151-0030-0002 RFQ
01151-0011-0052 RFQ
0111-0011-0052 RFQ
00884-0179-0001 RFQ
00884-0055-0001 RFQ
00871-0741-0001 RFQ
00871-0740-0001 RFQ
00871-0664-0001 RFQ
00871-0646 RFQ
00871-0427 RFQ
00871-0363-0001 RFQ
00861-0708-0001 RFQ
00861-0557 RFQ
00861-0553-0001 RFQ
00861-0512-0001 RFQ
00861-0507-0001 RFQ
00861-0484-0001 RFQ
00861-0376-0001 RFQ
00861-0347-0001 RFQ
00861-0339-0001 RFQ
00861-0216-0001 RFQ
00860-0058-0001 RFQ
00858-0348 RFQ
00855-1727-0001 RFQ
00855-0488-0003 RFQ
00850-0027-0001 RFQ
00814-0100-4360 PG 6 RFQ
00542-0629-0001 RFQ
00542-0291-0001 RFQ
00542-0290-0001 RFQ
00524-0243-0001 RFQ
00524-0233-0001 RFQ
00524-0184-0001 RFQ
00132-0525-0001 RFQ
00030-22414-000-1 RFQ
00030-2168 RFQ
00030-2160 RFQ
00030-215-0002 RFQ
00030-2141-0001 RFQ
00012-2071-0001 RFQ
00011-0012 RFQ
000061-0004-0001 RFQ

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